Smart Card Payment... the SMART choice

We make processing credit card transactions at your business easy. With one of these point-of-sale terminals you will be on your way to processing swiped and manual transactions.

Hypercom T7P

Designed with an integrated modular impact or quiet thermal printer. The T7P can read all types of credit, debit, and charge cards. External Pin Pad can be attached.   [product sheet]
Nurit 2085

Highly reliable terminal that processes credit, debit, and check verification. Thermal printer with additional ports for sharing a phone line and an external a Pin Pad.   [product sheet]
Omni 3750

This convenient all in one design combines a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal Pin Pad, and a fast thermal printer to maximize your business needs.   [product sheet]

When you use our internet gateway provider you can process sales through your website. We can activate a secure online account for you in a few simple steps.

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With our wireless terminals you can complete the transaction anywhere your job takes you. Process sales on the go with these wireless credit card terminals.

MTT 1500 Cell Phone

This is a high performance terminal that is light weight for true mobility. It operates on Dual Band GSM and the battery will process up to 300 transactions per charge.   [product sheet]
Nurit 8000

One of the smallest and most flexible handheld payment terminals available today. This wireless terminal is widely known for enabling fast, secure, and error-free transactions.   [product sheet]
Verifone VX610

Dual modem design — process transactions in store using a traditional phone line or take the terminal with you to complete your sale wirelessly.   [product sheet]

Check conversion is the latest cutting edge technology to hit the merchant service market and these products will allow you to accept checks with confidence and with a guarantee that you will not be troubled with bad or fraudulent checks.

Hypercom ICE 5700

Combine checks and credit card processing into one easy to use, space saving device that magnetically reads MICR line at the bottom of checks, increasing speed and accuracy.   [product sheet]
RDM Check Imaging Solution

This check imager delivers the industries highest MICR read accuracy and is compatible with most of the more reliable credit card terminals in the work place today.   [product sheet]
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